EP:56 The Holiday List

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The Personal Finance Holiday List

This is the holiday season and you probably deserve to give yourself the gift of of financial fitness.  At the end of the year during holiday season there’s still time to wrap up 2016 and put a big bow on it.  The Personal Finance Holiday List focuses on maximizing deferred savings, reducing taxes, giving gifts that keep on giving and optimizing your credit profile so you’re not paying the interest that allows other customers to get teaser rates.  Keeping yourself financially fit ultimately allows you to go out and buy gifts for whoever you may desire, you included.  Just remember, charity starts and home, then travels abroad.


EP:55 Five Forces

Force Factors That Drive Small Business


In this episode, a review of Porter’s 5 Forces and how they shape small business.  Which forces may be working in your favor and which forces are working against you and your small business like the force of a hurricane.  In this overview a look at each of the five forces and how they may apply in most any small business.  At any given time or another one of these may be driving business to or away from you, in either case, it’s good stuff to know and good business sense to employ. It’s hard work




EP54 Is it A Scam?

Is It a Scam???

Be careful, a lot investment schemes and even some scams are looking to get over over like a fat rat.  Investment schemes and scams are nothing new, as matter of fact, these things are always refreshed and updated for modern times.  Whether it’s Ivan Boesky, Madoff, some new unknown investment company promising real estate profits or a foray into Forex.  Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions   …and look for the tell tale signs.



EP:53 The Commerical Lease

  Going from Hustle to Small Biz: The Commercial Lease

In this episode the focus turns to small business basics and getting the commercial lease.  Once you’ve decided to move the hustle up a notch you’re going to need a place to do business from.  Whether your sell shoes, hair products or just give advice on doing both at thee same time, you’re probably going to need a place to call home where you make it happen in business.  It’s only so long you can rock that basement, living room or front seat of your car.  In looking for a place to establish your business, if it’s your first time out of the gate you may find the commercial lease language covers some things your not used to like “CAM” and the “NET”.  This episode: The Commercial Lease highlights some of the important things to keep in mind when you encounter landlords and less than usual terms.

Copyright Forms



EP52 Eric B. is President

Ep52 Eric B is President, and it obviously doesn’t matter.

Eric B for President.
Eric B for President.

In 1986 the song titled “Eric B. is President” was a #1 hit song in the Hip Hop community.  At the time it was a strange title, but the title sank in and it didn’t even matter.  The Hip Hop community went on to take over the music world and Rakim became one of the most well known and prolific rappers in Hip Hop history -still to this day.  He debuted by nominating his DJ for president, that’s 1986, talk about making America great again.

The 2016 election is over and a new president will be sitting in the White House soon.   There’s a lot of anxiety surrounding what is to become of the new presidency?  So the question remains, how will affect your daily finances, your money, your ability to save and invest because that’s all that really matters. In episode 52, what may or may not be of concern with a new presidency.


Sexy: Money or Finance?

Which Has More Sexiness, Money or Finance?

No romance without finance
No romance without finance

In this episode a quick breakdown of Money vs. Finance as it relates to sex appeal.  Which has more allure? Which is more exciting? How do we approach the idea of money in comparison to the way we approach the idea of finance?  If you thought there were no differences, or if you’ve given it no though at all. this episode digs into the differences and tries to figure which of the two has more sex appeal.


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Open for Enrollment

Open Enrollment Options.

Open Enrollment

Annual “Open Enrollment” selections, elections and options are typically around October and November of every year.  Most employees carryover the same options year after year, sometimes this is a big mistake, they’re leaving money on the table and that is not how the game is played.  Much like you would review every line of tax deductions for expenses and credits at tax time, the same should be done to ensure annual elections are “optimized”.  Everyone wants to get the most for their money, with that in mind making a decision for the entire year can be tricky.  It’s necessary to consider everything from frequency doctor visits, dental visits, eye care, prescriptions, relocating or even if you don’t go to the doctor much more than preventative care and checkups here and there.

Consider everything from possible savings by reducing coverage, adding life insurance amounts, and of course the possible tax advantages of an FSA or HSA to help offset those wonderful co-pays and deductibles.  I always wondered who came up with the “co-pay”, like really, a $10. co-pay?!?! Why? It’s always been a pain to make sure you have $10. or $15. in my pocket just for the co-pay!



Every Year is Election Year

Election Year is Every Year.

Every Dollar is a Vote!

What’s up with voting? What’s up with this current Presidential election? Usually the largest number of people turn out to vote in the general election, people seem to take it personal.  That’s a good thing, not so good is that once they’ve made their choice for president, they go back home and go to bed for more four years.  People miss out on all of the voting in between the four years, the voting for everything from local mayor, prosecutor, sheriff, the board of education to the city council and consequently all of the people that the foregoing hire or appoint while they are in office. Essentially, a mini administration.


Guess what that means? Ultimately, the local vote can be more meaningful to the quality of your everyday life in a far greater way than the once every four years presidential election.  But make no mistake about it, the BIG election does get all the attention.  Lest we forget, beyond the annual and biannual elections, use everything you do as an opportunity to vote. Every Year is Election Year.


The Podcast Playlist

The Question Mark Guy

The Podcast Episode Playlist

Mic and Headphones Set

This episode details the current play list of subscribed podcasts directly from my favorites folder.  It is somewhat a reference list on money and finance related podcasts alongside some entertainment podcasts, good shows no doubt.  I share this list to offer good shows you can check out between episodes of Miles Weekly, some of the best on money are listed here with some of the most creative and most passionate on the podcasts they produce.  There’s an insane amount of podcast lists and directories, maybe even as many podcasts, but this is the “play list” straight from my cracked screen phone.  Podcasters love feedback, so when you check out these podcasts don’t forget to rate them and let them know how they’re doing. Give them “5 – Stars” (preferably), comments, even some criticism if you think they’re entertaining, informative or useful.

Where to get your podcasts….

Stitcher. iTunes. BeyondPod. Soundcloud. Google Play.  …or type “podcast” in your search browser.