Business Owner vs Buying a Job

Started a New Business, or Working for Yourself?

Typical to wear many hats as a small business owner
Typical to wear many hats as a small business owner

Are you a business owner or did you buy yourself a new job?

All too often we want to pick up and take our skills to market for ourselves to start a new business and make all of the money for ourselves.  We decide that we can do it, we can just do it all and leave our jobs to do just that.  Take the skill-set you have (doesn’t matter whether you’re a cook or an accountant it’s the same approach), add a little money and “BAM…” you’re in business for yourself.  No more reporting to that boss who isn’t half as smart as you are.  No more doing the work for everyone else to get the credit and the money.  Considering you are at the heart of the business, the heart of the productivity, basically you are the business right? Well, not so fast…  Before you go that leap into business first consider if you are taking a leap to go start and run a business or just to buy yourself a job, in which case you are simply “self employed” in the truest sense of the term.  Meaning you’ve secured yourself employment, about that business part …well being a business owner is actually something else entirely.  There are a few simple questions to ask yourself to get some clarity on it all too.  First question: Can the business run without you being there to produce or overseeing the production? Right there, that should help put it in perspective for you.  Today’s podcast talks about identifying the differences and transitioning into self employment, owning or running a business.