Right Now Segment: The Will

Right NOW
What can you do Right Now… instead of later

On today’s Right Now segment, a quick discussion on writing a will.  No matter how much money you have or earn, a will may be more necessary than you think.  People shy away from doing a will for all sorts of reasons, starting with believing because they’re not rich that there’s no need to make a will to just avoiding discussing the inevitable, death.  However, anything you may want to leave from jewelry to cars, homes or keepsakes can and should be entered into a will.  Any wishes for yourself and your belongings. For most people a will can be simple handwritten document taken to a notary and then filed with your local government, city hall can direct you on this.  Another copy to be kept maybe in a safe deposit box.

Another thing to consider since you’re making a will is making a Healthcare Proxy or what’s known as an Advanced Directive.  This document will tell others what your wishes are in the case you are still alive but are unable to make decisions for yourself.  Int he case of a very bad accident or such, very ill and unconscious, on life support in some sort of coma.  Do you want to be on life support, blood transfusions, etc.  Same thing applies here if necessary, a handwritten document notarized and filed with the county clerk or local authority, city hall or whoever.  And you can make changes updates or edits as much as you like and refile the document as often as you need to.

Check out a healthcare proxy template and living will forms provided by sharingyourwishes.org , it’ll give you some idea of what to include.

And that’s it. You can do it Right Now.

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