The Right Now Segment: Money Management

This week’s Right Now segment cover what to do starting today to manage your money and track your spending.  It’s all about Money Management no matter how much money you have.  This is a key step in saving and ultimately investing, knowing where your money is going and stopping and unnecessary frivolous spending.  You may find some surprises hidden in your spending and savings habits.  Have you spent 50% of your income this year on any one thing?  Are you saving as much or more than you spend on social activities?  What are your food costs on average for the month?  vehicle maintenance, children’s clothing, transportation and bus fare, and those terrible bank fees!  They can all be quantified monthly or annually, whether your buying the high grade gas or getting the latte’ everyday, it all adds up and you may be surprised how much it is every month or year.  The most popular software is available from, it’s free easy to use and most of all, you can do it Right Now.

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