Right NOW Segment: Home Buying.

Right NOW… Steps to take for buying your first home.

Who to sit with first about you first home
Who to sit with first about you first home

This week’s Right NOW segment highlights critical yet nontraditional first steps you can take to buy your first home.  Most Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Home Inspectors and anyone else that will assist in the home buying process will have you go right out and begin shopping as a first step.  If you look around online, many home buying guides will have you shopping ahead of some very critical steps as well.  Understand the differences between Pre-Approved and Pre-Qualified… you might find that both can mean to PRETEND.  On this week’s episode I share my unorthodox which was born out of fear of “The Closing” and why it’s worth taking the path less traveled to ensure success in your venture to buy your first home.






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