Right Now Segment. Retirement Saving

New Ways To Save for Retirement. Right NOW.

New Ways to do Old Things
New Ways to do Old Things

During this Right NOW Segment, I discuss a new and exciting opportunity to save for retirement even if you do not work someplace where your employer offer a traditional retirement plan such as 401k or 403b.  Retirement Saving is key to financial wellness, now both individuals and employers can help setup a plan that is of no cost to the employer, allows direct deposits with no fees or management costs and is transferable from employer to employer.  A new, safe way to save and earn interest with no fees! Retirement Saving is available for even more people that want to save. Check out The Newest Thing in Retirement Plans to find out how you can get started Right NOW for Retirement Saving.

It's a "This" plus "That" Retirement plan.
It’s a “This” plus “That” Retirement plan.


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