Right NOW: Filing Taxes

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File Your Damn Taxes. Your Damn Self.

For most people filing your taxes is all about the money, so why would it make sense to give more of it away.  Filing your income taxes just isn’t the mystery it used to be.   If you’re like most people, you probably work a job, have taxes taken out and look to file your income taxes with the possibility of a refund. That “Refund”, as it turns out is super juicy.  So juicy that entire businesses, franchises and small companies have been built around said “Refund”.  Between the tax credits like Earned Income Tax, tax over payment from your check every pay period and under reporting of dependents, that “Refund” stacks up to a few thousand dollars very quickly.

Instead of waiting at the tax office until the late night hours to file with some local retail tax branch, letting them charge you anywhere from $100. up to $500. or even more you can save by handling this yourself.  If it’s all about the money, then be just that, “all about the money”.  Every year retail tax preparers come up with enticing schemes to get people in so they can get a piece of that “Refund”.  This year’s promise is dome money upfront, referral commissions and of course they offer quick turn around times… fast, fast, fast!

Filing taxes yourself have benefits that last starting with you understanding your finances and taking some control of handling them too.