Investing in DRiPs not Drabs..

Powerful investing strategy for the average investor and not the trader.

Many well known brands are available to invest in.
Many well known brands offer DRiPs

Far too many people aren’t well versed with basic investing although they do have some interest and some money to invest too.  A long standing problem has been knowing what, where and how… obviously, information is power.  Movies like Wall Street, Boiler Room and The Wolf of Wall St. don’t help, some nasty characters in each, but you can get around those guys and still bet invested.  During this episode I talk about a direct way to get into stocks of some of your favorite companies and brands.  How to invest continuously, build a portfolio and let your dividends power your investment through dollar cost averaging.  The majority of people get involved with investing through their 401k or other employer sponsored plan, the rest might peek into the world of investing but won’t leap without some guidance because it seems so convoluted.  Well, it ain’t so hard, with DRiP investing you open an account, enroll/ make selections from a list of companies you prob are familiar with, send your check and go from there… simple done.  Okay a little more effort than that, but not much more.