The GiG Economy. Hustle Money.

The New GiG Economy. What was old is brand new, again.

GiGs were typically the label musicians and other pay to perform types of self directed workers put on their jobs. GiGs are temporary, task based, no ties, reputation dependent and required a specialist of sorts to get it done.  GiGs sometimes require a mercenary mindset with the drive of a hustler.  There are no allegiances, honorary commitments, no bonuses (most times), no overtime, profit sharing… simply no frills.  Just do this task well, get paid move on to the next.

Traditional Underground GiG Economy.

GiG’s that have been around and will be around millenia after millenia…  DJ’s and Emcees, Catering, Personal Anything, Movers, Musicians, Dressmaking, Construction, Mechanics, Taxis, Painter, Artwork and the list goes on.  Now today we have Personal Coaches, SEO Marketers, Videographers, Web Designers, Publicists, Application Developers, Design Engineers, Uber Drivers and more.

As of late, the internet and apps have taken to breaking down old, established standards and filling gaps of up to date needs.  With access to online and the availability to create apps, the ability to teach yourself something new, adapt and offer a service regardless of how whether or not the old standards are met. The newest thing in the economy is the oldest thing, and that is the hustle mentality.  Taking on task based assignments for a fee. Clean, efficient and straightforward.  Best of all, how much success you have or money you make depends on how much hustle you have even more than ever before.  There are some caveats, taxes, insurance, and the investment of time and money.  Then there’s the regulators of course, better make sure you’re registered, licensed and so on where applicable.   Extras aside, people are making money in this GiG Economy, many out of losing their traditional jobs and now many that won’t go back to traditional work of trading hours for dollars.




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