Opportunist Investing.

The Opportunistic Investor.

“Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own.”  -Baron Rothschild

Seeing a Sign of Opportunity.
Seeing a Sign of Opportunity.

In this episode, being an opportunist when it comes to investing.  Seeing opportunities in a down market environment, when things are at their worst, values are down and investing opportunities are ripe.  Becoming a contrarian style investor, identifying intrinsic values and when to leap after them in several markets ranging from real estate to healthcare.  Learn to look at every situation see past the cover and quantify the possibilities to invest and make money.  In every climate whether there’s a political campaign or a protest at the very same campaign, someone is making a profit, someone had to make all of those signs and they weren’t made in China.

There there’s what’s known as “Luck”, while I don’t subscribe to the “Luck” thing… this saying makes a lot of sense to me, “Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity”.  I mean, you were preparing for the opportunity, that makes you an opportunist in my book.

Some lucky company landed the contract for NYPD body cameras.
Some “Lucky” company landed the contract for NYPD body cameras.

Whether there’s a catastrophe or a celebration, there’s someone being paid or making some modest profit.  Funerals, weddings, sweet sixteens and graduations all use flowers, someone planning and executing for a price.  As an opportunist, it becomes intuitive to see these things unfold and reap the benefits.  While there isn’t a mile wide difference between exploiting and serving in many cases, there is a difference and those that serve rather than exploit as opportunists make out better over all and have long lasting results.

This is what Raw Opportunity looks like.
This is what Raw Opportunity looks like.



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