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Ariva Taxes!
Ariva Taxes!

(Apologize for the audio, street side interview with some serious wind noise)

Just happen to come across a New York State Tax assistance trailer that is set up on the Grand Concourse in The Bronx, NYC.  State reps were out and a local financial services business, ARIVA was onsite to assist also, they were offering to assist anyone interested in getting their taxes done by the deadline for FREE!  Of course there were details, but free is FREE…

I stopped to talk with them about what the free promotion.  Although the state employees were a bit shy, they were very nice.  In connjuction with NYS was a local business, Ariva Tax and Ceasar from Ariva was approachable and glad to take a quick minute where he explained some of the services offered to the local community by Ariva Tax.