Orlando, FL and Capitalism

Capitalism Marches On, Even in Orlando, Florida.

Even as we mourn the recent massacre of innocent people living life as  they see fit and socializing in an environment where they felt safe and comfortable among like minded peers.  Truth is, many of us would like to live so honest and free, happy and content with ourselves.  Still some crazed person will bring the sad reality of wanting to inflict his will on them and eventually take their lives to make his point.

There will be more mourning than can probably be imagined as there were so many families  touched that transcend race, creed, nationality, economic class and sexual orientation.  Regardless, we live in a society that is dominated by capitalism and as such, the stocks of gun makers were up immediately following this terrible massacre.  Whether it’s matter of security concerns or self defense, capitalism is marching forward, manufacturers and retailers alike are making profits as a direct result.

May God Bless those affected by the tragedy, the families friends and loved ones of the victims. May God Be With You.


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