What’s up With Brexit? w/Camari Ellis

Seriously, What’s up With Brexit?

Financial Advisor Camari Ellis explains.

Britain Flag, EU Flag
Britain Flag, EU Flag

There are a lot of questions, concerns and just plain old curiosity surrounding the Brexit situation.  Following our own financial meltdown in the United States and all of the crazy things that followed ranging from job losses, to people literally walking away from their homes and mortgages to portfolios getting completely crushed.  People lost money like it was going out of style.  So what’s up with Brexit, is it something like that?  Will there be those sorts of residual problems?  News reports are talking about 401k’s and IRA’s potentially taking a hit.  What should someone do if anything right now?  Financial Advisor, Camari Elllis breaks down the Brexit, the EU, Euros and what you should consider before making any presumptuous money moves.

OR… Maybe there is a OPPORTUNITY presenting itself loud and clear, just yelling “Over here, now is the time!”  Remember Baron Rothschild, “buy when there is blood in the streets”.