Small Business: The Next Episode

The Next Episode in Your Small Business.

Getting to the next episode in business
Getting to the next episode in business

Once you’ve got you small business off the ground and are running on all cylinders, now what?  Sooner or later every small business may hit a plateau, and no one knows how long this “plateau” may last.  That isn’t the time to take the “wait and see” approach, that’s not how real go-hard go-getters and entrepreneurs get down anyway.  In fact, that will be the time start considering advanced moves to position the small business for growth.  When it comes to growing and moving beyond the plateau nothing but nothing is off limits, everything from guerilla marketing to getting a publicist to revamping the entire business is on the table, you will either Grow or Die. This podcast episode talks about advanced moves to “Grow or Die”.  First things first, before making advanced moves, make sure not to get too far ahead of yourself by attempting big moves before the business is stable and ready.  How do you go to the next episode?


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