The Uber Lady Charlotte

Interview with The Uber Lady Charlotte.

Uber Lady Charlotte
Uber Lady Charlotte

In this episode an interview with The Uber Lady Charlotte, she offers some insight into being an Uber driver and from the perspective of being a woman.  She’s on her hustle and grind, and has a big heart.  What it’s like to be an Uber driver, how she makes the most of her time and money by targeting everyone from “walk of shame” passengers to church goers.  Although she has a big heart, she puts up with no bullsh*t, and yes, she’ll still rate you 5 stars.  Uber Lady Charlotte also maintains a YouTube channel where she uploads everything from advice for Uber newbies to stories about her colorful days.  Her YouTube channel is interesting and funny with a bit of seriousness, luckily for passengers, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and enjoys what she does.



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