Conversations: Gentrification in Bronx, NYC


Voice of The BRONX

This is a recorded conversation with community activist Carmen Vega-Rivera.  She speaks to major re-zoning and how the potential changes impact local residents that may price them out of the community.  This conversation was recorded on “the fly”, as in I happened upon Carmen during a street fair event, and she just happen to be a powerful force in the community.  In classic “you never know who you may run into”, I was lucky enough to have my trusty Tascam Audio recorder and get Carmen to give the details of what residents face in gentrification -while it is in progress.

Since this recording, a new law was passed that requires legal representation for tenants… Bigger than I can give justice to explaining, however, check out the details of it here. This legislation will go a long way to assisting residents in need of proper representation.

A note about the audio, keep in mind this is “on the fly” outdoors during a street fair type event, background noise is fluctuating and eventually music starts playing.  Still, nothing shouts louder than the words that Carmen speaks.

Here’s some beautiful artwork in and around The Bronx… only borough with “The” in front of it.