Miles Weekly…

Miles Weekly offers basic overview and insights for day to day personal finance, investing basics, savings, and small business for general reference. This blog will look into some the how-to basics of investing, savings, small business, being an informed consumer, where to get started and how make sense of what can sometimes be confusing intimidating.   This blog and its podcast aims to directly address and dispel myths, confirm little known truths and offer a clearer understanding to some very key basics about simple day to day finance that can enable people to get ahead by understanding the basics so they can get started.

A great number personal finance blogs are geared towards the same goal of offering useful information, all too often beginning at an intermediate level. However, the overlooked basics of getting started make all the difference from my perspective. Once people have the basics they are able to entertain all sorts of intermediate and even advanced financial strategies, money management principles and investing techniques to reach their desired wealth and prosperity. This blog is focused on the understanding of those basic fundamentals of personal finance, loans, simple investing, financial consumer information and small business.

In the different areas this blog and podcast will highlight simple topics, at times have professionals weigh in and offer their opinion, and provide links and suggestions for personal finance such as ways to save or invest money and where are some good places to do so. What is a company stock and how to purchase a company stock or mutual fund, what is a 401k, (or other employer directed savings plan) and what are some benefits of participating, loan amortization, what are dividends, credit and FICO scores, banking and general consumer basics to help become an informed consumer on pricing, durable goods, consumer warranties, and to make better consumer decisions.