Conversations: Gentrification in Bronx, NYC

Conversations: Gentrification in Bronx, NYC


Voice of The BRONX

This is a recorded conversation with community activist Carmen Vega-Rivera.  She speaks to major re-zoning and how the potential changes impact local residents that may price them out of the community.  This conversation was recorded on “the fly”, as in I happened upon Carmen during a street fair event, and she just happen to be a powerful force in the community.  In classic “you never know who you may run into”, I was lucky enough to have my trusty Tascam Audio recorder and get Carmen to give the details of what residents face in gentrification -while it is in progress.

Since this recording, a new law was passed that requires legal representation for tenants… Bigger than I can give justice to explaining, however, check out the details of it here. This legislation will go a long way to assisting residents in need of proper representation.

A note about the audio, keep in mind this is “on the fly” outdoors during a street fair type event, background noise is fluctuating and eventually music starts playing.  Still, nothing shouts louder than the words that Carmen speaks.

Here’s some beautiful artwork in and around The Bronx… only borough with “The” in front of it.

Conversations: Firearms and the community

Range Day

Conversations… Random, unscripted, off the cuff.

Today’s convo: Firearms.

Following a nice outing at the nearby shooting range, just a conversation with john M. about firearms and the perception of firearms in the community.  Listen and find out if any of these opinions align with yours.



EP:67 The Hiatus Break

“The Break”…

Back in the day a “Break” in a record would mean a chance to actually “Break-Dance”. Now it’s just mean a Hiatus. I miss those days.

Just as is needed to review and assess direction or “Re-Balance” the portfolio or overall personal finance picture.  The MWPF podcast is going into a “Break Mode”, during which, there’s still plenty work to be done in “Re-balancing”, so maybe not too much of a break actually.  So here’s the outlook, a larger focus on specific instruction and education based podcasts, segments, series’ and feature interviews ( because I still dig interviewing people that do money stuff for a living), and some video “how to” action.  So yeah, it may take a bit to pull it all in, and maybe some help too! .

In the meantime, check out the archive of podcasts and posts ranging from

  • Ep:1 “Dollar Cost Averaging”
  • Ep:19 “Top Ten Small Business Rules”
  • Ep:52 “Eric B. is President”
  • Ep:49 “Which is Sexy, Money or Finance?”

Continue stay on track with your finances and the practice of maintaining your economic foundation for prosperity, there’s plenty come regarding doing just that.  Also, don’t forget to check out the list of podcasts recommended for good listening between the archive shows.


EP:63 The Valentine’s Money

No romance without finance

Valentine’s Day is All About The Money.

Pay attention as you get yourself all wrapped up into Valentine’s Day. The flowers, cards and candy.  Watch your spending and the spending of your courtier, if your paying close enough attention you’ll be able to see early signs of good financial behavior or terribly irresponsible spending.  Either way while you sitting at that pre-fixe overpriced cold dinner looking into each others’ eyes, it’s a good time to ask, “hey, so how’s your credit?”.  Pay attention to the surprise in their eyes, or the pleasure to share such information in an attempt to communicate their openess to discuss finance and the future.  And when the bill comes back with no surprise “declined” comment, you realize …they might actually be a keeper.


EP:60 Plan For Life and Death

Plan for Both Life and Death, Because Both Have Expenses.

Alysia M. Hicks

On this week’s episode, an interview with Funeral Services Director Alysia M. Hicks.  We discuss the business of managing final arrangements, burials, becoming a mortician/ funeral director, rumors about the business and of course …how much does it cost to bury someone???  In this very straight forward conversation Alysia M. Hicks is able to give some true insight on a range of topics from what it takes to become a funeral director and the level of casket side manner required to be a “Doctor of Dead People”.



Quit and Do You: Rebroadcast*

New Year, New Motivations.

It’s the beginning of a new year and many of us promised ourselves to take it to the next level for the new year, last year.  This time most of us are ready, some of us have even painted ourselves in a corner to force us to get it done. Commitment devices aside, it’s sometimes hard working for less than we’re worth or those undeserving of our abilities.  We have the confidence, the skill-set and some of us even have the money to get started in a our own business.  Is now the time to “Quit and Do You” ?  This is a Re-broadcast, now seems a good time as any to take a look at some tips on whether or not to jump ship and venture out on your own.


EP54 Is it A Scam?

Is It a Scam???

Be careful, a lot investment schemes and even some scams are looking to get over over like a fat rat.  Investment schemes and scams are nothing new, as matter of fact, these things are always refreshed and updated for modern times.  Whether it’s Ivan Boesky, Madoff, some new unknown investment company promising real estate profits or a foray into Forex.  Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions   …and look for the tell tale signs.



Ep50: The Look Back Forward

Episode #50. A Look Back Forward of What Was and Will Be.

This is marked as the 50th episode.  A review of what inspired the podcast, its mission, putting it together and the direction going forward.


Sexy: Money or Finance?

Which Has More Sexiness, Money or Finance?

No romance without finance
No romance without finance

In this episode a quick breakdown of Money vs. Finance as it relates to sex appeal.  Which has more allure? Which is more exciting? How do we approach the idea of money in comparison to the way we approach the idea of finance?  If you thought there were no differences, or if you’ve given it no though at all. this episode digs into the differences and tries to figure which of the two has more sex appeal.



Every Year is Election Year

Election Year is Every Year.

Every Dollar is a Vote!

What’s up with voting? What’s up with this current Presidential election? Usually the largest number of people turn out to vote in the general election, people seem to take it personal.  That’s a good thing, not so good is that once they’ve made their choice for president, they go back home and go to bed for more four years.  People miss out on all of the voting in between the four years, the voting for everything from local mayor, prosecutor, sheriff, the board of education to the city council and consequently all of the people that the foregoing hire or appoint while they are in office. Essentially, a mini administration.


Guess what that means? Ultimately, the local vote can be more meaningful to the quality of your everyday life in a far greater way than the once every four years presidential election.  But make no mistake about it, the BIG election does get all the attention.  Lest we forget, beyond the annual and biannual elections, use everything you do as an opportunity to vote. Every Year is Election Year.