MWPF Podcast Show Notes

Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz of has authored the following books available on

Live Rich Save Money!: Learn Investing; From Stocks to Mutual Fund Research in 47 Wonderful Ways
Live Rich Save Money!: From Student Loans to Car Maintenance, 9 Wonderful Ways to Save
Live Rich Save Money!: Get Out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways
Live Rich Save Money: 68 Powerful Ways to Save Money, Now and Forever
Lets Get Financial Savvy!: From Debt Free to Investing With Ease

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Find Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz online at, Facebook, Twittter @msfinancialsavv and Instagram @msfinancialsavvy

No Fear Credit Repair.

Get your personal credit back on track using tactics that work.   Once you’re done achieving that, if getting your own credit back on track inspires you to help others, you can also make money doing just that.  Check out Mark Clayborne’s book “Hidden Credit Repair Secrets”, a #1 bestseller on with 4.5 out of 5 Stars, download and listen from or anywhere books are sold.  Mark Clayborne is a Certified Credit Counselor and now offers his business platform to others seeking to get into the credit repair business using his platform.  For more on starting your own credit repair business go to


The Gift Giving Season: Stocks as Gifts

Company Stocks make the best gift alternatives.  Many of us wish we know more about finance and investing while we were growing up and now’s a chance to teach your youngsters and loved ones early.

Try using these popular and well known company stocks as gifts.  These gifts may appreciate in value, and will help teach youngsters and others about investing.  Introduce children to investing by having them own a piece of a company they already know and understand.  Buy the shares and have the actual stock certificate sent to you, framed or unframed.  You or whoever you name own the stock and become the registered owners of record, however many shares you buy are listed on the certificate.  This is a great way to get your family and others involved in investing from an early age or do it for yourself.  Invest in some of the biggest and best companies you’re familiar with, whether you buy the LeBrons, Jordans and Kevin Durant Nike sneakers, Exxon gas, Games from GameStop, watch movies on Netflix or go with the kids to eat at McDonald’s. You’ll get to teach them to be more than a consumer, but an investor that shares in the profits of these companies.  These are the sorts of gifts that keep giving, click any link below to get started today.


Be Ready to Buy and Invest

If you’re looking to invest more or do more, open your own online brokerage account today, be ready to pull the trigger and buy any stock you want any time you want.  Set up your own brokerage account today.


Regulation A+ and The Jobs Act

PunchTV Studios SEC Filing information

More on “Crowdfunding”


Deferred Savings Max Limits

For max contributions limits and details check out IRS Limits

More information on opening and managing a 529 Plan

Check your credit by going to




Is It A ScaM?  Reference info.

The following links are direct information for review of the independent sites, business, and offerings to the public

Punch TV SEC Filings

Buy The Block info

Crowd Street  Crowd Funding Real Estate Investing

All about FOREX Investing.

What is …REIT Investing?

Direct Investing in REITs and Other Companies





The Podcast Playlist

The current playlist of informative and interesting and entertaining podcasts. Subscribe, listen, rate and even comment, most if all enjoy!

The Black Neighbors

The Black Entrepreneur Blueprint

Black Man with a Gun

Bigger Pockets Podcast


Better Banking and Sucker Free Financial Institutions

For a list of banks and financial institutions that offer better banks savings rates check out for some of best rates available.  Most banks now offer account linking with internal and external banks, good stuff when you have money one place and need it another. Bank to Bank transfers -same day action too, Mobile check deposits -with immediate availability, auto transfers between accounts and no fee if internal auto transfers hit a glitch (like you didn’t have the money to transfer).  For secured cards with bank accounts attached you can also check out for that too.  Be Sucker Free…


Investor Training and Trading.

Jason Brown of The Brown Report offers investing training and trading with his exclusively developed method that starts with beginners and moves into advanced strategies.  If you want to get an idea if you can wrap your mid around trading and investing, The Brown Report lets you get started with free training.   There’s also advanced training for options trading, 401k investing, ETF’s, mutual funds and more, The Brown Report helps individuals reach their goals in the financial markets by developing a strategy around personal goals.

Invest Responsibly.

Whether it’s avoiding stocks that are prison companies or just focusing on developies markets and technologies.  You can make sure your stock portfolio reflects your values. Check out sites like Social Investing or go to Ariel Funds and make better investment choices. Because maybe, just maybe you’re not interested in prison stocks.

Investing Lingo.

For the best and direct investing lingo dictionary, check out .  Whatever investing or financial term you may hear or have heard, this dictionary will break it down and make it “make sense”.  It’s really not rocket science, just science without rockets.


Emergency Fund Stack and Stash Spots

If you’re serious about building some sort of emergency fund, among many questions will be, “where do I put the money?”, and the short answer is out of easy reach.  Some places to start looking is MMA, (Money Market Accounts).  Open a MMA at your current bank or at an online bank.  The rates are a bit higher than traditional savings banks.  You can see a list of online banks and compare their rates at

The Uber Lady Charlotte

Check out the Uber Lady Charlotte’s YouTube channel and find out more about the everyday life of hustling as a woman Uber driver.  Some of the challenges, rewards and how she makes the hustle life work for her respectably in a sometimes not so respectable environment.

Going Solar. Some Top Solar Panel Companies

For more information try contacting one of these companies for information regarding solar panel installations and the potential benefits in your state.

Funky REIT’s or Something Like That…

Storage space is on sale in every neighborhood around the country, the companies that operate these businesses have been enjoying a boom in business over the several years.  There’s even TV shows  based on the auctions for the leftover stuff that people leave behind that feeds a secondary market for used  goods.  Take a look at some interesting investing opportunities that might be right under your nose.

Both Public Storage and Extra Space are traded on NYSE although pricey with a P/E over 40 for Public Storage and over for 50 for Extra Space, still both pay a healthy dividend.

The wild card yet more well known play can be U-Haul (Amerco), yep U-Haul.  As it turns out their P/E is more favorable at 15.  The parent company is Amerco, which also has a hand in insurance, real estate and most notable is Amerco’s U-Notes.  The company’s notes are offered a kind of crowd sourcing way to invest in their expansions in the business such as new U-Haul locations and vehicles, you know those branded trucks you see all over the place. The notes pay a decent beating most savings return benchmarks although there are some caveats to consider.


The Life Insurance Essentials Interview

Great interview with Kissy Ariza regarding life insurance essentials and things to consider when purchasing life insurance.  To contact Kissy Ariza for more information and how you can get covered for life insurance: Ph.  646-637-1115, on Kissy on Facebook and Twitter @Kissy_Ariza

Some key basics and information as to why you may need life insurance check out the Bankrate dotcom article 7 Reasons You Need Life Insurance