EP:57 PunchTV CEO Interview, Joseph Collins

EP:57 PunchTV CEO Interview, Joseph Collins

Interview with CEO of PunchTV Studios, Joseph Collins

PunchTV CEO, Joseph Collins
PunchTV CEO,
Joseph Collins

This episode is a followup to episode 54 “Is It A Scam”, during which, the PunchTV Studios IPO was one of the companies profiled for review.  PunchTV studios is within the IPO phase of going public and currently offering company shares for $1. each.  This offering has been specifically targeted to the urban market and non-accredited investors. Typically, IPO stocks aren’t available to the average non-accredited investor, however with recent changes in legislation and the SEC Rule Regulation A along with The JOBS Act, companies like PunchTV and others have been able to offer shares directly to the public.  In addition to direct to public IPO shares, companies are also able to seek funding through “crowdfunding” practices.  With lesser regulations and lesser oversight there’s been both a lot of buzz about companies like PunchTV and a lot of questions about its worthiness as an investment for newbie investors.  In this interview, PunchTV CEO, Joseph Collins speaks directly to many of the ongoing questions.


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