EP:66 Become Savvy with Finance

Dr Lois Center-Shabzz

Becoming Savvy About Finance

This week’s episode of MWPF features an interview with  Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz of MsFinancialsavvy.com, an author of several highly rated books on Amazon.com that cover saving, investing and management of day to day personal finance.  She also offers coaching on finance, workshops and a Facebook support group, (WomenVestors) for women and girls focusing on finance.  In this interview, Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz covers her philosophy regarding women and finance along with some very insightful relationship advice on Love and Money.  Listen as she details the journey through her professional career and into becoming a financially savvy investor, author and finance coach.


Grow or Die. Small Business

Grow or Die. Small Business

Small Business. Grow or Die is the rule.

This week’s episode reviews how to grow your small business and not die while still being alive in business.  How would you die and still be in business?  When year over year and quarter over quarter results are the same, you might have hit a snag or flat spot in your business.   Get stuck in that flat spot repeatedly and you’re dead, rather, the living dead …figuratively speaking of course.

Be Prepared to grow or die a death of stagnation
Be Prepared to grow or die a death of stagnation

Point is, you have to grow your business once its off the ground and moving.  Now may be the time to make some big moves.  In this week’s episode I discuss 5 big moves that’s necessary to help fight off the rigor mortis that awaits if you don’t get to shaking and moving.  Using the strengths of a small business, pivot, pivot, pivot   ….Grow or Die.

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