Quit and Do You: Rebroadcast*

New Year, New Motivations.

It’s the beginning of a new year and many of us promised ourselves to take it to the next level for the new year, last year.  This time most of us are ready, some of us have even painted ourselves in a corner to force us to get it done. Commitment devices aside, it’s sometimes hard working for less than we’re worth or those undeserving of our abilities.  We have the confidence, the skill-set and some of us even have the money to get started in a our own business.  Is now the time to “Quit and Do You” ?  This is a Re-broadcast, now seems a good time as any to take a look at some tips on whether or not to jump ship and venture out on your own.


Top Ten Small Business Rules

Top Ten Small Business Rules

Small Business Rules… Top Ten.

The Lost Episode. Episode 2.  Long winded -but good.

Top Ten Small Business Start-up Rules
Top Ten Small Business Start-up Rules

Top Ten Small Business Rules compiled from some successes, (I’ve had a few) some failures, (a few more of those) some consulting and watching others walk over a cliff.

If you’re thinking about getting into a small business or taking your side hustle to the next level, learn the rules of the game. Besides the ultra optimistic, deep seated confidence it’s going to take to get past the detractors and haters you’re going to need to keep it real with yourself.  These Top Ten Small Business Rules will help you focus on the important things that are easily overlooked when visionary ideas set in.

Smiles can't get bright enough when you open your own business
Smiles can’t get bright enough when you open your own business

As fate would have it of course, Stitcher was down for the next three to four days! this was damn near unheard of, I could just send the link to the blog page and that’s when I realized I was referencing a Podcast that had been recorded, published and never posted.  This top ten list is and essential list for anyone even considering going into small business.  At least five to seven of these things come up in every conversation I have with someone about getting started in small business.  I searched the web blog and the Stitcher page thoroughly more than once, and it wasn’t posted anywhere.  I can’t explain the amount of second guessing that came out of this. So even after the Stitcher site came back up… still no link to send. Dang.  Stayed up late to record this episode!

I didn't know what happened to this episode?
I didn’t know what happened to this episode?

Okay, here listed are the Top Ten Small Business Rules (and yes it’s actually episode 2).  If you aren’t focused on these, not to say you will fail, but you may damn sure have some serious bumps along the way.

Or, maybe I should put it this way, you don’t learn how to fight by taking punches to the face.