EP:56 The Holiday List

The Personal Finance Holiday List

This is the holiday season and you probably deserve to give yourself the gift of of financial fitness.  At the end of the year during holiday season there’s still time to wrap up 2016 and put a big bow on it.  The Personal Finance Holiday List focuses on maximizing deferred savings, reducing taxes, giving gifts that keep on giving and optimizing your credit profile so you’re not paying the interest that allows other customers to get teaser rates.  Keeping yourself financially fit ultimately allows you to go out and buy gifts for whoever you may desire, you included.  Just remember, charity starts and home, then travels abroad.


Personal Profile Finance Fundamentals

Personal Profile Finance Fundamentals

This first episode reviews the details of focusing on the personal profile to become successful in any endeavor or goals regarding personal finance. Whether it is to build wealth, invest, save for a new home or college it will be necessary to be positioned in order to reach milestones on the path to success.  These are the basics that make up the foundation to build upon for economic prosperity.  Many of the fundamentals talked about here seem so simple that they are taken for granted, however, it is these fundamentals that trip people up the most later on down the line in their quest for prosperity.