The Podcast Playlist

The Podcast Episode Playlist

Mic and Headphones Set

This episode details the current play list of subscribed podcasts directly from my favorites folder.  It is somewhat a reference list on money and finance related podcasts alongside some entertainment podcasts, good shows no doubt.  I share this list to offer good shows you can check out between episodes of Miles Weekly, some of the best on money are listed here with some of the most creative and most passionate on the podcasts they produce.  There’s an insane amount of podcast lists and directories, maybe even as many podcasts, but this is the “play list” straight from my cracked screen phone.  Podcasters love feedback, so when you check out these podcasts don’t forget to rate them and let them know how they’re doing. Give them “5 – Stars” (preferably), comments, even some criticism if you think they’re entertaining, informative or useful.

Where to get your podcasts….

Stitcher. iTunes. BeyondPod. Soundcloud. Google Play.  …or type “podcast” in your search browser.