EP:67 The Hiatus Break

“The Break”…

Back in the day a “Break” in a record would mean a chance to actually “Break-Dance”. Now it’s just mean a Hiatus. I miss those days.

Just as is needed to review and assess direction or “Re-Balance” the portfolio or overall personal finance picture.  The MWPF podcast is going into a “Break Mode”, during which, there’s still plenty work to be done in “Re-balancing”, so maybe not too much of a break actually.  So here’s the outlook, a larger focus on specific instruction and education based podcasts, segments, series’ and feature interviews ( because I still dig interviewing people that do money stuff for a living), and some video “how to” action.  So yeah, it may take a bit to pull it all in, and maybe some help too! .

In the meantime, check out the archive of podcasts and posts ranging from

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  • Ep:19 “Top Ten Small Business Rules”
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Continue stay on track with your finances and the practice of maintaining your economic foundation for prosperity, there’s plenty come regarding doing just that.  Also, don’t forget to check out the list of podcasts recommended for good listening between the archive shows.