EP:62 Fiduciary Immunity

Who’s Looking Out For You When You Invest?

Wolfy The Fiduciary

This week’s episode focuses on the recent news surrounding “The Fiduciary Rule”, which has investors, retirement savers and would be investors trying to figure out just what exactly is “a fiduciary” to begin with.  We’ve come to expect certain business relationships to work in our favor such with a lawyer, our doctors and even the little league coach sometimes, the same applies to many of the professionals that help us invest for the long term.  Investing for retirement, such as IRA’s, 401k’s and similar plans that are handled or managed by investment advisors fall under the rule of fiduciary responsibility.  However, new rules expand this definition to include more people who may be involved or have an influence on retirement investing guidance.   And those new rules focus squarely on the people you trust to steer you and your money in the right direction for your “best interest”.  And, not just steer your money into their pockets.


Quitting Your Job and Doing You

Quitting Your Job and Doing You

Thinking about quitting your day job to be a Entrepreneur?

Before you go jump out of the window to start your own business, you might want to tie up some loose ends, and some ends not too tightly either. Quitting your job to do you can be a one of the most exciting moments in a Entrepreneur’s journey, however, your job should be a tool to help catapult you into that space.  Your job may not be what’s holding you back, but could be what’s setting you in position.  What are some of the very first things you should think about doing if you’re quitting your job and doing you?  This episode talks about getting set up before you quit, transitioning and not looking back.